The Things I Tell Myself

Keep going.

It will never be okay.

It will always be okay.

This too shall pass.

Trust in your imagination.

Runs always make you feel better.

When you feel okay, the world is okay.

When you feel bad, the world sucks.

It will matter in a week, or it won’t.

Do it for your future self.

Be amazing.

Attitude is everything.

Don’t judge.

Imagine you are the other person.

Today may be the best day of your life.

Negative thoughts don’t help a situation.

Be positive.

Practice joy.

Be kind.

Always create.

Don’t get stuck in what doesn’t matter.

Strive to be a balcony person versus a basement person.

This is your life.

Just because you think it, does not mean it’s real.

Pain is okay, suffering is not.

Seek your true north.

Stop waiting for the perfect moment.

Today live today.

You can go to the movies with whomever you want to.

Stay open.

Smiles matter.

Be authentic.

Love everyone.

I can.

I will.


Tell the truth.

Work at liking you.

You are no better than anyone else.

You matter.

People around you matter.

Let go of your bad mood.

Care about yourself.

Care about others.

Don’t worry about getting left behind.

Remember you can change your channel.

Go at your own pace.

Expect a battle and a journey.

Hard work is hard.

Love with all of your heart.

Stop second-guessing.

Today is all you have.

Don’t settle.

Keep believing.

Set intermediate goals.

Feel what you feel.

Don’t cling.

Stop apologizing.

The time is now.

Today is all you have.

You are the best you may ever be.

Stop rushing.

Believe in yourself.

Believe in others.

Let your life unfold – do not force it.

When you reach the finish line, keep going.



Don’t dim your light.

Know there is an end.

by Jodiweiss

Jodi Weiss is the author of several published short stories, as well as academic books published by Random House/The Princeton Review. Her articles are currently featured in The Huffington Post, Linked In Pulse, and Ultrarunning Magazine. Her first stint in publishing was at the New Yorker Magazine, where she was an intern for the education program. Following that, she spent ten years in academic publishing at McGraw-Hill, Golden Books, and The Princeton Review, during which time she held titles including Managing Editor, Director of Business Development & Creative Planning, and Editorial Director.

For over a decade, Jodi has led the Nonprofit and Higher Education Practice at Korn Ferry, the world's leading executive search firm. She founded EverythingSmart, which helps college students to executives cultivate career paths in early 2016. Away from the office, Jodi is a professor of literature, composition, and creative writing;  she has taught at various colleges and universities in New York City and Florida.  In her free time, Jodi is a devoted yogi and avid ultra-runner with over 75 ultramarathon-distance races completed, thirty-five at the 100-mile or more distance, to include Badwater 135 and Brazil 135.

Jodi holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the State University of New York; a Master of Arts degree in English and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Brooklyn College. Her first novel, From Comfortable Distances, is available via Amazon.


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