The Ugly Day

As women, we all have those days. Those days that are just ugly. You are tired, the kids are sick for the third day in a row and you need groceries. And you feel every bit of this misery while you are sitting at your desk. Because, along with everything else, people are counting on you there too.

It’s a fine art, and an act of professional maturity, when all of the muck of life does not show its ugly face in the workplace. Sure, it’s there. But you are not wearing it.

We have all met that person that, no matter what question you asked, you always felt like you were “bothering” them. Were you bothering them? Probably not. The kids, the husband, their bank account was bothering them. It is so easy to forget how an impatient response can trigger an unwanted feeling of rejection.

We are not in a position to discourage. We are most fortunate to be in a position to encourage. How? How do you encourage others when life, at the moment, sucks for you?

You own it. Girl, shut your office door, self-reflect, pray and own it. Own the ugly. Deep breath, open your door and get back to your day. Because the way you show up and act matters. Encourage others. A perfect life is not realistic. Sick kids and a long grocery list are realistic. As you face the day, be the girl that manages the ugly of life in a beautiful way.

by MHout

I am a mother of twins and a wife of 3 years! I am passionate about my Bible and the power of prayer; I pray every day for God to be in control of my life. I celebrate my sobriety every year ( going on 4) on September 26th. I have found a passion for leadership development and am currently pursuing that love further.

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