The Up And Down Life Of A True Minnesota Vikings Fan

As Kermit the Frog so famously says, “It isn’t easy being green.”  Well, I am here to tell you it also isn’t easy being a Minnesota Vikings fan.

A few years ago, our team was in the depths of despair. Struggling through each season. Enter a new head Coach, Mike Zimmer. Minnesota was skeptical at first, and we have now grown to love him.  He is a defensive-minded coach and he has built up our defense to be one of the best in the NFL. After the defense got beefed up, my team also acquired a new quarterback, and then a new running back.

Strike one: Quarterback gets hurt (scarily hurt) in a practice. That was two years ago, and he was finally able to step back on the football field late this season.

Strike two: We acquired a fast, promising new running back this season, and very early in the season he tore his ACL – season over.

Strike three: Our backup quarterback also got injured and was benched….

Enter backup, backup quarterback and a backup running back.  And voilà, some kind of magic started happening.  Our team started winning. The people started jumping on board the fan train. The fan base that had faltered through our bad times was back and with a new zeal for life.

Everyone it seems, in the state of Minnesota, except those scattered Packer fans, jumped on board a Viking Ship that we all thought was destined for the Super Bowl, which as luck would have it is in our backyard this year.

Our team was on a roll, made it to the playoffs, and got a bye the first round (that means we did well!)

Then it was time for the playoff game versus the New Orleans Saints, a team that has crushed our spirits and brought us down to reality in recent playoff history. My team was ahead the MAJORITY of the game – however, it’s not the MAJORITY of the game that really matters, it’s the last 25 seconds. We were down 24-21 – our bubbles again deflated.  How on earth are we going to pull off a victory in 25 seconds?  I will tell you how, a long pass downfield to one of our best receivers that he caught and turned around and ran into the end zone. ZERO seconds left on the clock. We win, we win.  This play was dubbed the “Minneapolis Miracle.” Sail on Viking ship, Sail on. On the road to Philadelphia for the final playoff game, this one determines the Super Bowl or we go home. Unfortunately, we ended up going home, which ironically is exactly where the Super Bowl is being held.  We were never even in the game, unless you can count us scoring first on our first trip down the field.

Those Eagles of Philadelphia soared over us and crushed and defeated our spirits and our team and sent our Viking ship back to Minnesota, as a TRUE VIKINGS fan says:  “Maybe Next Year.”




Author: Jill Gagner
Email: jillgagner@gmail.com
Author Bio: I am a Minnesota girl, haven’t lived anywhere but this state. (Many days I wonder why, mostly in the winter….) I am a mom and a wife and a nana now – which is awesome. A die-hard, bleed purple and gold Minnesota Vikings Fan.
Link to social media or website: Instagram @jillmgagner | http://www.lifebyjillmarie.blogspot.com


by Jill Gagner

I am a 52. A bit snarky, or sassy if you will. I speak my mind like I see it. And Have often been told I don't have a filter. People look forward to my annual Christmas Letter, which has to be saying something. I go to the gym - which I will never love but it does make me feel better and better about myself. I love to bake (mostly cookies). I have Three adult kids who are all doing well, and an adorable grandson who is a toddler, he calls me Nana. I love it.

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