The Void Of Loneliness

No one teaches you how to heal your howling void of loneliness.

No one tells you how bitter it tastes, how suffocating it feels and how hopeless it looks sometimes.

No one prepares you for those moments when you are completely disconnected from the rest of the world.

No one teaches you how a wounded heart will always seek for a piece of affection from every stranger it meets.

No one warns you that your love hunger created by the broken hands and hearts of those who gave you life, and then ungainly deprived you of affectionate moments, will sometimes push you into greedy and immature embraces of people who destroy you faster than life itself.

No one tells you that not everyone would be able to see a vulnerable and fragile heart behind well-accomplished words and sentences, bright goals and smiling veils.

No one shows you how to fill that void, and you will permanently throw new gods, meditations, philosophies and other spiritual ingredients into this insatiable and erratic maw of lonesomeness, create short and superficial connections, swallow intoxicating substances and/or arrange spontaneous escapes into new places and new bodies.

No one will explain that this void, besides hurting, can teach.

No one will be there when you look sadly into the eyes of your own abyss, suddenly catching the glimpses of meaning and natural inevitability.

No one will show you that, despite its separating property, the void unites you with the rest of the world—the world who, just like you, agonizes in a hungry hunt for love and authentic depth, but numbs this growling void behind perfect social media pictures and borrowed self-hyped pretentious acts.

You are not alone feeling that howling void of loneliness!

And, perhaps, just that thought can start healing the wounds and lullaby the senseless pain in you!



Author: Svetlana Fedorova
Email: fedorovasve@gmail.com
Author Bio: Svetlana is a Sensuality Coach who created a unique program “Sensual Intelligence” helping women unveil their hidden world of sensuality, creativity, and sexuality.
Link to social media: Instagram @svetlanasenses

by Svetlana Fedorova

Svetlana is a writer and a Sensuality Coach who created a unique program “Sensual Intelligence” helping women get connected with their body and desire, awaken their hidden volcano of sensuality, creativity, and sexuality. For the last 10 years, she has been traveling around the world collecting wisdom and inspiration from each culture she has the chance to touch, learning new and ancient skills to cultivate the sensual and erotic nature in herself and others.


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