The Waves Of Grief


Days where the only thing on the to-do list was to make sure to eat and shower.

Curled up in bed,

Engulfed in a blanket,

Surrounded by pillows, candles, my childhood stuffed animal, gentle music playing

While riding the waves of grief.

Unable to stop the pain.

Tear stained and wadded up tissues litter the floor.

Hands folded in prayer – praying that anything would take away the pain

Yet the only thing that did was the pain itself.

Unsure how a body could hold pain so deep and expansive.

There were hours,




Spent sobbing,


Riding the waves as they came and went.

Crying so hard not sure how I would ever make it out alive.

Yet those tears taught me about





And the power of transformation.

Each one of those tears shed was a catalyst for my



And redemption.

More often than not it was a fight

But when I allowed God’s grace to flood me I found my freedom.

Little by little,

Tear by tear,

Hour after hour,

Day after day,

Month after month,

And year after year

As I slowly and steadily


I was able to rebuild my life and take my power back.


Author: Alison Binns
Email: alisonbinns01@gmail.com
Author Bio: Alison Binns is a seeker, writer, speaker, and healer. She is on a journey of unraveling in order to connect to and live from her true essence everyday.
Link to social media or website: https://www.instagram.com/alisonbinns01/

by Alison Binns

Alison Binns is in recovery from complex and developmental trauma. She has chosen to use her journey to write, speak out, engage in activism work, and empower other survivors to reclaim their power and sovereignty.


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