Things I Loved Before Boys

That sound heard

even from the farthest room,

that jingle announcing ice cream was near.

A starting gun for my knobby knees

to make a mad dash to the little white truck.

Already tasting the crunch, the coconut

and the strawberry running down my chin.

Hours reading in my ballerina pink bedroom,

four-post canopy bed, bubblegum curtains

swaying. Perfect for a princess with warriors

stacked on shelves. Judy Blume,

Lucy Maude Montgomery, Ann M. Martin

sweeping me away, keeping me

company beneath many swollen suns.

Running through the backyard sprinkler.

That sparkling arch chasing

my brown, toasted skin. My four-year-old

sugarcane giggle floating late

in the August afternoon with wrinkled fingertips

and toes coated in warm, Summer water.

Sticky July nights. My palms cupped

like mason jars, a temporary home

for neon fireflies so that for a moment

I knew what it felt like to hold the light

in my bare hands.

The blacktop behind the school building,

playing foursquare, hopscotch, and tetherball.

The heat bearing down on the birth of a small girl’s

competition, determined to learn, determined to win

but then a boy said Hey with a smile full of secrets

and in a brief second on the playground

everything shifted. Nothing else mattered

but getting more moments like that one.

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by Raquel Franco

Raquel Franco is a woman with the intention to connect and share her experiences in order to dare women to be brave, to find confidence and carry it within themselves. Her work has been featured on Thought Catalog, Harness Magazine and she is the author of the poetry collections, This Woman is Still Girl and Keep Me Wild, available on Amazon. She is also featured in the short story and poetry compilation, [Dis]Connected Vol. 2. When she is not committed to the pen she is raising two bambinos, listening to Beyonce and taking photographs.


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