The Things We Never Say

There are things we never say,

but often it’s what matters most.

You build something block by block –

rarely looking down to see how far you’ve climbed.

When you finally catch a glimpse,

you see familiar faces and spaces.

Things that once held sparkle – seem unfamiliar now.

I don’t know how it happens,

but it’s the things we never say.

While building block by block –

we are not only creating,

but isolating ourselves.

Lonely – sometimes it’s incredibly lonely.

It’s a love –

hate –


You want so badly for the normal to be enough,

but you know it never will be.

Once you’ve started something

–  that desire is insatiable.

You live it,

breathe it,

dream it,

speak it,


It’s beautiful and tragic.

With each progressing phase –

friends get lost in the shuffle.

Things once in common –

don’t seem to be in common anymore.

And time – well time is precious

and with a passion as insatiable as yours,

you lose track of it easy.

Start working on a task,

wake up two months later –

Who did you lose track of along the way?

How did it happen?

You promise to be better.

Better at balancing,

Better at calling,

Better at checking in,

but inevitably old habits die hard –

and it’s a game of constant catch-up.

I often think it’s why entrepreneurs bond in packs –

you can recognize the spark,

the intimacy with their business,

the put together, but disheveled.

You can appreciate the uncensorship,

the conversation with no judgment.

You understand the sleepless nights,

the never-ending fatigue.

The putting on a brave face –

even when things aren’t working.

Celebrating little things like big things.

You understand it all.

See it’s the things we never say as entrepreneur’s – it’s those things that matter most.


XX – Ashley Rector (Drellishak), founder of Harness.

Come find me: @adrelli




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