Think What You Want

Divisive beliefs? Or divisive emotions?

We, as a society, have encouraged people to be more dismissive and flippant towards others’ views if they conflict with our own. If we encounter someone whose thoughts contrast ours, there is no longer a curiosity to understand their viewpoint, but rather an immediate aversion and distrust in the person’s logic.

Why does it upset everyone so much to know that another person believes something different than they believe? Why does it continue to draw the worst out of people? The hate, the cruelty and the violence are shown too strongly, too fast. All because the beliefs of another person were able to rattle the cage and disturb the faith we hold in our own.

Our minds shouldn’t be so easily swayed by something as trivial as that; people are going to think what they want whether we want them to or not.

Inner Peace? You there?

Besides the fact that we can’t control their thinking, why would we want to? What does that say about the fortitude we have in our own ideals? Do our views not hold enough weight, even in our minds’ own eyes?

If we had the fortitude, we would not feel so challenged by others’ beliefs. Heck, we might even spark up a debate about it. But few can say that they possess such a sense of ease when they encounter a person with a set of ideas opposite their own.

Don’t ya think?

It used to be that people would spend long periods of time contemplating those things that mattered most to them and coming to their own conclusions and expressions about them. The exorbitant media and social pressure that now exists can leave impressions on our thoughts and our emotional reactions.

Are the beliefs really our own if we haven’t thought about how we came to these conclusions?

by AuburnWaters

My name is Auburn, I'm 23 and I am looking to become the architect of my own life and create the life that I want to live through hard work and determination. I'm striving to be my own boss and operate my life the way I've always dreamed of- without constraints or boundaries. My goal is to shift my mental paradigm to one that allows me take advantage of all opportunities and resources before me, rather than allowing myself to believe that they are not available to me. I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams and realize that the normal 9-5 work life doesn't have to be the only way to survive. We all look at those people that are able to work from the beach or in some beautiful faraway town and think, "If only I could live that life." But if they can do it, why can't I? Or you?

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