Thinking of Honey

Thinking of honey and you
Thinking of you and puddles
Thinking of puddles and new flowers
New flowers and cleaning
Bleach and the sting in my nostrils
The sting this thing
This pulsing thing under my ribcage
Still trying to get it clean
From the soot, you left in it.


Thinking of honey (again) and burns
Thinking of burns and rage
Thinking of rage and forgiveness
Forgiveness and change
Quarters and their heft in my pockets
The heft this mark
This growing mark, thick with scar tissue-

We were never a sure thing-

Just dousing our wounds in honey
Thinking they would heal.

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by mariah.g.poetry

Mariah Ghant (she/her) is a black, female artist based out of Philly. An alumnus of Vassar College, she studied Drama and English focusing on Acting and Poetry Writing. Mariah’s work has been featured in three print publications with Z Publishing, as well as online with Distance Yearning, Lucky Jefferson, and Passengers Journal. In her everyday life, Mariah enjoys creating and teaching art across various genres including theatre, writing, dance, and movement. Forever fantasizing on the phenomenal, Mariah’s writing explores relationships, identity, and the cosmos. To see more of her work, you can visit her poetry Instagram @mariah.g.poetry.


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