This Isn’t Healthy

This. Isn’t. Healthy.

And I know it. The way you allow me to drown in you. Fill my lungs up with your very essence only to bring me to the brink of death just so you can give me mouth-to-mouth and breathe life into me again. Your absence is suffocating. Your silence is the pressure suppressing my larynx, yet when you speak it’s the only melody I want to hear, and I find my voice again.

This. Isn’t. Healthy.

You are similar to the sun rays on summer days and despite the errands I have to run, all I want to do is lay in the grass and allow you to cover me despite my allergies. You are a clear night’s sky and our love is all the stars I wish upon at least until pollution proves otherwise and what I thought I saw was just a smoke screen. When someone shows you who they are, believe them.

This. Isn’t. Healthy.

And I ask if you can help me recover. Send me to rehab for an addiction I’ve been battling since I first looked into your eyes, but you prove time and time again I can’t quit cold turkey. My withdrawals are too great; the pain is unbearable so I’d rather continue to poison myself with my ideas of our reality. One in which you love me just as much as I love you.

This. Isn’t. Healthy.

I wonder if our love is just a pool you use to bask in, my Narcissus, and I’m forever doomed to be your Echo.

I know I’m just avoiding the inevitable. Trying to rewrite the script at the last minute even though the stage has already been set.

This. Isn’t. Healthy.

But somewhere between dusk and twilight it’s the only thing that feels right to me. So I stay, even though I know I should leave.

I wonder if you keep me close because you fear what will happen once I realize I’m the sun.




Author: Sa’Rese
Email: sarese.thompson@gmail.com
Author Bio: Sa’Rese has been writing since the age of eight but took the literary world by storm with her breakthrough trilogy, “Stripping Asjiah” (pronounced Asia) in 2009. Since then, she has written three books of her own, and ghost written three books for clients who will remain nameless. Sa’Rese is a writer who embodies the word in every sense. Her storytelling creates vivid imagery for her readers, while her poetry evokes emotions through a raw and honest cadence that you can’t teach in a classroom.
Link to social media or website: Instagram @sincerelysarese


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