Mental Health

Thoughtful Hours

There’s no time like one in the morning 

To be filled with regret, grief and mourning — 

To look back at your loves and losses,

The friends you lost, your crappy bosses,

And every unsaid word,

And insult inferred. 


There’s no time like 2 AM,

When hopes and dreams come to an end,

And you come to realize

You’re destined to suffer endless goodbyes.


The third hour is long,

As household ghosts sing their song

To remind you who you truly are:

An ugly person, broken and marred —

Someone no one loves,

Not even you,

Always shoved,

And always blue. 


Maybe if you’re lucky, 

You’ll fall asleep tonight,

And dream of happy puppies,

And every other small delight. 


But chances are you’ll stay ’til four,

Listening for sounds outside your door,

Waiting for fights to come,

Even though you know it’s dumb.

Trying to remember to sleep while you can.

Trying to remember flames don’t need a fan.


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by BrendaCova

Brenda Covarrubias is a journalist, poet and freelance editor. The majority of her work has centered around news and storytelling, but she is now branching out to more creative outlets. Business inquires should be directed to brendacova22@gmail.com.


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