thoughts unattended

Thoughts Unattended

Oh how you populate
Mutate without hesitation
Occupy all the space
And churn in classic circulation
The chiding comments
The second guessing traits
Feels like wiring, more like fate
Like a train on the same track
With the same freight
Headed “you know where”
Always on time, never late
But wait, just wait
Stop hopping on that train
That train blows smoke
The dark kind that permeates
Can’t you see what I calculate?
Thoughts unattended add weight
Burden that holds you hostage
And strips you of joy
So make a date with yourself
To stop the self hate
And the loathing you propagate
You have more control than you realize
So add a fence with a secure gate
And make for damn sure
You’re protecting your mind
With words that articulate
Kindness and love
And reminders to align
with your guidance
Soar to new places
Because you choose the path
You take.


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by Lindsayandrews

Lindsay Andrews is a codependency recovery writer and educator with a grounded approach toward healing through journaling. Through this process, she has awakened herself and reconnected to her intuition which has led to self worthiness and confidence. She actively supports and educates women who seek to improve their relationships by first improving the relationship with themselves.

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