Three Secrets for Attracting a Potential Mate

Want to find a life partner? Rule number one is to forget what you’ve heard about opposites attract. That principle only applies in the hard sciences, and even then, it’s not universal. When it comes to long-term human relationships, likes, not opposites, attract. Once you accept that grand truth, you’re half-way to locating your ideal partner. If you have been unsuccessful so far, consider changing tactics. Rather than opt for the standard technique of seeking out people to whom you are attracted, consider focusing on how to make yourself attractive to others. Women and men have been using this against the grain technique for centuries. In some cultures, making oneself attractive rather than hunting for someone you feel drawn to is the primary romantic technique, and it works. If you’re willing to stop dead in your tracks and change strategies, give this method a try. Here are some of the significant ways you can enhance your appeal and meet more prospective life mates.

Earn a Marketable College Degree

You send strong signals to the opposite sex when you take the time to earn a college degree. Doing so demonstrates a desire to achieve long-term employment success. If you have yet to get your diploma, the first step is to take out a private student loan to cover the cost of your education. This tactic achieves a couple things; one, it allows you to focus on your studies and finish in the shortest amount of time. With no need to hold down a job during school, you’ll get higher grades and graduate on time. The other advantage of private loans is that you have access to competitive terms, interest rates, and the option to pay off the debt early without penalties. Try to aim for a major field of study that offers solid job prospects, like business, IT, engineering, or nursing.

Pick a Church and Attend It Regularly

It’s not preaching to say that the vast majority of married couples have some kind of religious beliefs. But if you don’t, be honest with people and let them know your reasons for being atheist or agnostic. Do you want to find a suitable life partner? Believers tend to end up with other believers, and non-believers with non-believers. Another reason is that a large percentage of married couples first met at church functions. For all their other good works, churches serve an important social function in society. For centuries, in fact, adults have used their local religious institutions to find marriage partners. If you want to increase you chances to find someone whose values align with yours, attend church regularly and get involved in at least one social group, like singles discussion circles or event nights.

Don’t Smoke and Don’t Engage in Illegal Activities

Nowadays, everything seems to be public knowledge when it comes to potential mates. That means if you have a criminal or arrest record of any kind, people can find out. Couples in serious relationships often check each other out online before tying the knot. Plus, if you are a smoker, you automatically limit your potential partner pool. For better or worse, modern adults just don’t want to get married to smokers.

by Harness Editor

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