Throw on a Hotter Outfit, Grab Your Friends, and Get TF to the Bars

The other night, I was sitting with my roommates drinking wine and half-watching a movie. But earlier, a guy had asked me out for drinks. All day, I had gone back-and-forth about whether I had interest in going or not, and came to the conclusion that it’s never a bad idea to just chat with someone new.

Pondering a refill on a quickly dying glass of wine, I thought to myself “Why am I sitting here worrying so much about these plans when I’m not even interested in this guy? Why am I wasting my energy and feeling too bad to say no when I know I don’t want this going past a casual convo over drinks?”

I texted some friends, I threw on a much hotter outfit and I headed over to Out-R-Inn, our college senior bar. And you know what? I had a fantastic night.

I have no clue why I always have such trouble saying no to things that I already know I don’t want to do. Comments like “Oh, he’s nice!” and “Free drinks!” should not be a factor when deciding whether or not to spend my time with some dude. Everybody is so butt-hurt these days—if someone isn’t interested, they simply aren’t interested. No one owes anyone anything, and I realized Thursday night that politely rejecting an offer should be way, way more normalized.

Time is valuable, and we should be spending it how we want to, not trying to do what’s deemed as polite. So seriously, note to self: Stop worrying so much about plans that don’t matter to you. Throw on a hotter outfit that makes you feel confident, grab your friends and go have fun.

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by Sydney Lapin

A self-proclaimed travel foodie, Sydney prides herself in finding the perfect spots to wine and dine. Her friends often text her for food and travel advice, and she happily provides intel on her favorite foods and sights. A detailed planner, Sydney manages to create agendas that allow time for sight-seeing, but also time for sitting in coffee shops and absorbing the local culture of a place. Sydney has traveled to over 12 different countries, mostly in Europe, and can’t wait to see more. She takes her camera with her wherever she travels, and loves to capture “world-stopping” moments.

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