Time Is The Biggest Test Of Dedication

Some things in life are inevitable. I am not talking about fate here, but the choices we make because they are right for us at our core. We may not even be aware we are making these choices at first. 

Yoga is something that had been suggested to me as career years ago, but I brushed the idea away as it wasn’t the vision I had for my life. It was not what I went to university for. I also knew at the time I simply wasn’t good enough to teach it and I didn’t have the money to train (I still don’t). But today yoga is still something I do on a regular basis. 

There are certain things that we will reach for time and again for support and, without intending to, we learn from them. They help us grow. There are people we grow closer to and develop strong relationships with because they are there and there again. As life happens, they continue to intertwine into our lives. 

Often, we hear that it is now or never, that we need to get started, why wait? We are pushed to rush and be anxious about all the things we don’t have and whether we are achieving enough. Told that if we don’t put everything into what we want, we don’t want it enough. But we can’t realistically put everything into one thing because there is always going to be more than one thing that matters to us. 

I don’t believe that dedication should be measured in blood, lack of sleep and rejection of everything else. Dedication is to keep showing up, to keep caring, and to keep renewing our motivation when it runs out, which it will. 

Dedication will be measured by time. If we go at things at full pelt we risk burning out, we risk hitting a wall and panicking, not knowing what to do. 

I like the tortoise method – slow and steady. But it’s not about reaching a finish line or beating the hare. If we walk steadily we can see the obstacles ahead of us, plan to get around them, and still have time to enjoy the walk. 

I have done an awful lot of thinking and assessing my life this year. Some of this has been done in conversation with a therapist, some has been talking to friends, some has been running things over and over in my head, some has been desperately trying to come up with another way of doing things. 

But when we find ourselves feeling stuck it doesn’t mean our lives need a complete overhaul. We do not need to throw the baby out with the bathwater or move to mars for a fresh start. We have chosen certain things in our lives for a reason and we need to reassess what about them is working and what is not. 

In my life, there are a couple of things that I always find myself returning to. One is obviously yoga, the other is writing (as you may be able to guess from the existence of this article). Neither of these I have the strength or motivation to do every single day and both have lead me to tears. Both can be a struggle to get started but give me an incredible feeling after I have dedicated time to them.  

We all have these things in our lives. They are not there by accident. They are not to be forgotten in the search for more. 

We should also be wary of jumping on assumptions that something that is a comfort is the answer to everything. A new relationship or job may make us happy but this is not necessarily going to change whatever else is not working in our lives. 

Having recently been away on a retreat, I became incredibly jealous of how much the yoga instructor enjoyed their job. I thought about how great it would be to be active all day and not be chained to a desk. 

The life of the yoga teacher suddenly became very tempting. Some of the times that I find myself most relaxed and happy is on my mat. Therefore, a career in yoga must be amazing. I would be chill all the time. Right?

But my rational brain knows this is not entirely true. There would be more hard work. I would need to commit to the teacher training. I would need to fight to find the clients. 

So, I decided, again, that yoga is still not the solution to my career plan, but I no longer dismiss it entirely. I am not going to ever stop doing yoga; I am a dedicated yogi. 

There is always a balance with the things we love, the things we dedicate our lives to. We need to be able to accept the good and the bad. We need to look realistically at what they can offer us and what we can offer them and keep reassessing this so we don’t miss when things change. 

I am not ever going to stop wanting to expand my practice. The teacher training is almost inevitable. It is in my head now, and once you start seriously thinking about something you are on your way. For me, at least, I know I will not let this go. 

It is neither a pipe dream, for it is certainly something that is possible in the future, nor is it a lack. I am not waiting and struggling through to the point where I finally get to be a yoga teacher, for I have many other things that I am dedicated to and grateful for. 

Even if I never make yoga a job, I think how incredibly satisfying it is to pass on knowledge of anything that has brought you joy or taught you something about yourself. And I get so much from yoga and meditation practice that I will inevitably end up passing this knowledge on to my friends and family in one way or another. In fact, thinking about it, maybe I already am. 


Author: Brigitte
Author Bio: Brigitte is a trained journalist, born, raised, and living in the UK. She currently works in content marketing, is attempting to write her first novel, and is kept alive by yoga.
Link to social media or website:  Instagram @brigitte_is_writing



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