Tiny Holes And Beaming Light

It all started when they realized something was missing.
A tiny hole of light beaming through their chest that refused to be covered.
They acknowledged that the hole was there – but refused to do anything about it.

And others, well, others noticed it too
– the gap
– the light pouring out of it,
but never said anything.
Because they too had a secret.
They had the same hole,
same light.

Over time more holes started to appear –
and it was getting harder to ignore what was so very obvious in plain sight.
Till one person pointed it out,
“Hey, your hole – that beaming light – it’s exactly like mine.”
And the acknowledgment was all the other person needed to realize they were not alone.

It caught on like wild fire.
The holes – the light – the acknowledgment.
People started peeling off their Band-Aids,
Pondering what was missing,
Wondering what these holes meant?

The feeling of being incomplete?
Of searching for answers that your soul yearns for?
For the purpose of life?
The pursuit of happiness?

Maybe it couldn’t be found in what had been taught to us all these years.
Maybe it was in the mountains,
the forest,
in moments of laughter with family.

Maybe it was underneath the warm water of a shower,
after being out in the freezing cold.

Maybe it wasn’t money or power.
Maybe it wasn’t the clothing we were wearing,
or the fancy photos we were posting.

Maybe it was just silence underneath the stars,
knowing you are one part of this
big –
beautiful –

Once the search started for these intangible things..
People started to feel whole.
The fractures within their hearts started to disappear.

They seemed brighter.
Radiating not from just one tiny hole in their body.
But from all over.
Their skin a warm glow.
Their smile – a little bigger.
Their heart – a little fuller.




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