Tiptoe Through Life

Tiptoe my way through life, tiptoe my way through it all

So many times I tried to just go with the flow, so many times I tried to take it slow, some days I was steady and other days I would fall

 Alone I waited for someone to at least say “hello”, but the lonelier I was, the easier it was to grow

Nobody to shut off my glow, people don’t stick for a long time, I guess when you know, you know

I always wanted everyone to be on top, while they wished I stayed below

Over and over, I got hurt, and my happiness still overflowed

I guess when you know, you just know, although I’m not sure if I should make noise or stay silent

I tiptoe my way through the streets, I tiptoe my way through the crowd

I tried to come out on top and share my positive vibe

But they leave me no choice, and I want to stay underground, if I’m drowning alone, so be it

I’ve learned to heal my own wounds

Alone I found myself, the crowd was too toxic and it was blinding my purpose

Tiptoe my way through life, tiptoe my way through it all

Moving silently underground, moving silently until I’ve reach some kind of enlightenment

At least when I’m alone, nobody kills my excitement

by glorycastillo.v

My name is Glory Castillo. I have been writing poetry since a very young age. Being an only child, I needed to find a way to process pain alone. I believe poetry is a form of art, expression and therapy. It helps me cope and it also makes me happy when other people can relate to it. Being in the health care field, gives me a better understanding of how important it is to let your mind relax and your thoughts flow. Poetry is my therapy.


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