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I sit and my gut rolls over the top of my jeans

I lay down and I feel like my body has spilled into all the crevices in the bed 

Standing in front of the mirror, I wondered what it would be like 

To run and not feel anything move in different directions 

Or to eat and not worry about anything adding on to the damage that’s already been done 

Every year I gain a bit more 

And every year I regret not loving myself 

I look back at old memories and my hatred for certain things start to make no sense 

Now I wish my mind can travel back and remind younger me to be happy with all that I had

Because every pound is a bit more to love 

My heart is getting heavier

Filled with acceptance

And my arms are open to myself

by Dannyfromtheblock

I'm a native New Yorker trying to figure out what life's about. My writing kinda keep me in tune with this journey because my purpose seems ever-changing. I love goats and I'm 4'11".


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