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to anyone who hasn’t found their voice yet

if you can’t

find the words

to defend yourself yet,

let me be the first to say,

you have value

even if those around you

don’t validate you,

you have purpose,

even if your sky

is filled with storm clouds,

you have strength,

even if you are

constantly weighed down

by the burdens of others,

and above all,

you are loved,

even if you don’t feel it.

if the only words

you hear right now

are the thoughts racing

through you mind,

saying you’re alone and not enough,

let me be the first to say,

i have been where you are;

you will be okay.

-to anyone who hasn’t found their voice yet

by esthergonzales75

I am a New Jersey based poet who aspires to share my story through poetry and prose focused on faith and my journey with depression. I have overcome many obstacles and I believe everyone has a story to tell, even if they haven't found the words yet. I hope my words can inspire others to believe in their purpose and to find strength to climb the next mountain.

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