To Blossom Amongst the Carnage

It’s like playing with a loaded gun
Russian roulette in a pure, yet twisted, devastating artform,

Will you pull the trigger, Or will I?
The reality of us is a constant battle of inner turmoil.
Who will sever the string that ties your soul to mines?
You, Them, or Me?

Will you allow our memories to wither from this existence.
I want to earn the peace that I know I can trigger in you.
But I can’t fight for us alone. In this world of superficial, you’re the outliner that I seek daily.
But your rejection and deflection of our unity ache, making this vessel in my chest race in trepidation for you.

And yet . . . The core of me yearns for your essence.
Even when you revolt against the principles of us, I’m not afraid to say that the thought of living without you crumbles my existence.
When will you allow me the privilege of being your inner peace amidst the war?
Will our connection prevail over the constant motions of this warfare in which we dwell?
When will the aftermath of this battle finally combust?
We can live in peace after the war.

If you allow us to blossom amongst the carnage.

by TionaHSapphire

I am a proud graduate of two degrees, I am a daughter, I am a friend, but most importantly, I am flawed and beautifully me. I am an openminded individual with a unique spirituality that I will not compromise for anyone. Dwelling in my truth exposes and remedies the pain, joy, happiness, and scars that have manifested within me. Surviving different tribulations within my life helped me discover within myself the definition of realness, loyalty, and artistry. Embracing the bittersweetness that comes with living through my past and present experiences helped established a young black princess into the queen she is today.

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