To My Queens/I Used To Be…

There are so many females that are in unequally yoked relationships and become confused and diminish who they truly are just to receive enough attention from the guy that she fell so deeply for.

She would put up with so much abuse mentally, emotionally and sometimes even physically, just so she could feel his “love,” to keep her lingering on just a little bit longer and that will create just enough of a crack. The crack that his less than of love creates allows a little hope to seep into her heart to give him another chance.

This is for HER. The blind Queen who holds her head down, that forgets to polish her crown and straighten her back. Straighten up QUEEN, you are good enough, you’re better, you’re the best! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND LOVED!!!



I used to sit and think that I wasn’t good enough for you. I used to think how you were in love with the girl you left me for, and what I did wrong to the point you couldn’t love me. I used to think you loved me, but your effort showed different. It’s so crazy how I fell for you and you pushed me away. I should’ve stayed away and followed the signs, but I kept wanting more of you. More of your kisses, more of your touches, more of your sex, more of your warmth. I wanted…

You to tell me how beautiful I was while being held in your arms. Your eyes to get lost in mine and for you to be certain that I was the ONE for you.

I used to think we were a match made in heaven, that God sent you down here just for me. My soulmate. I used to believe your sweet nothings of words flowing from your mouth. I used to believe you when you told me you wanted me as the mother of your kids and your wife one day. I used to think you were my HIM, but now I know you’re just another. Another guy that finessed me with meaningless words.

I used to think you belonged to me, but you were everybody’s but mine. And now here we are connected forever by our beautiful child, and meaningless to each other. An endless nothing. Bonded for eternity without a relationship or foundation. I used to think I was your everything, if I were I wouldn’t have to write this…

by jenuineworks

I originate from Birmingham, Alabama. I’ve been writing books since the age of 9. I was selected to join the Young Author’s Conference at that age. I grew up in poverty with a schizophrenic mother and an alcoholic father, it was tough, but I managed to make the best of my life. I began writing again at the age of 23 which led to releasing my first book entitled Journey to Love in 2017. I’m a yoga instructor as well as a writer. I have currently released a poetry book entitled She of the Woods and a children’s book, What About Me? in 2019.

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