To the girl who’s chasing after love

Yes, you. Please stop.

I know you are tired of looking for love, wondering if you’re ever going to find it. You may even think that it’s probably easier to catch a falling star than to catch a love that wasn’t meant to be.

You’re right.

Quit blaming yourself and feeling guilty for a love that was lost. It wasn’t your fault. It’s not that you’re not good enough. Believe me, you are good enough.

You thought you found love but made the mistake of giving everything away until you have nothing else left. You gave everything, but you got nothing in return.

And your world crumbled under the weight of your heart, finding yourself shattered into a million little pieces scattered everywhere.


Get up.

Look for the little pieces of yourself that you lost along the way.

Pick up the shards…even if their sharp edges can cut your hands.

Put yourself back together…even if it means you have to do it all alone.

Give yourself permission to grieve for the love that was lost. Give yourself time to mend for the heart that was broken. Allow yourself to heal from the hurts and rejection.

Give yourself time.

Then when you’re well enough, learn to love again. Only this time, learn to love enough. Not with anyone else, but you.

Yes, YOU.

Do not wait for someone else to love you. You’re done with the chasing, the waiting and the hurting. No longer beg for love. Not anymore. Instead give yourself the love you need.

You need to love YOU.

You need to love and accept yourself deeply and completely. Love yourself warts and all. Love yourself beyond what you see in the mirror and embrace who you are because some people may want you to be someone you are not. You don’t have to change who you are to be loved… by others or by you.

Loving yourself is not selfish. It is necessary. You can only love others to the extent that you love yourself just as God loves you.

Know your worth. Realize that you were bought at a very high price so don’t sell yourself short. Don’t settle with anyone just to be in a relationship. You deserve to receive love as much as you give them.

Stop chasing after love. Love will find you when it’s the right time.

In the meantime, infuse yourself with so much love until your cracks and broken pieces are filled with love and made whole, then let your love overflow.

When you are ready, when it is time, love will find you.

by Penchie Limbo

I'm Penchie from the Philippines, and I'm passionate about writing. Anything that sparks joy, hope, and inspiration goes into my writing. I enjoy quiet moments, a cup of coffee alone or with friends or loved ones. Eating out or at home is my family's choice of bonding moment.

I try do small things with great love so that everything I do gives honor and glory to God.


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