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To the new mama shopping at Target—please don’t leave because your baby’s screaming

Dear new mama,

I understand that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach and the beads of sweat that form when your baby starts to cry—when all you want is to enjoy this short moment—but please don’t leave because your baby is screaming.

I know that you have already done everything you could do to help your little one calm down.
I know that it’s out of your control and there is nothing you can do to stop it.
I know that you think people are staring at you, and they are saying to themselves that you are a bad mother.
I know that you want to find the closest emergency exit and run out or somehow just magically disappear.
I know you are probably telling yourself that you should have never left the house, and this was a bad idea.








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by Ourrobinsnest

Nicole is a full time working mother who runs Our Robins Nest (http://ourrobinsnest.net), a platform to educate, support and raise awareness around modern day motherhood. Nicole helps create a lifestyle for moms who 'just don't have the time'. She shares easy recipes, simple DIY's and affordable styles. She is an advocate for maternal mental health which is reflected in her work as well.


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