To the Person Graduating Today

Congratulations! You have done something that very few have done before you. I hope that you take today to properly celebrate you and the long journey that has led you to this exact moment.

If you are embracing today with absolute certainty of your future, then I take my cap off to you for knowing exactly where you are headed. However, if you are embracing today with an uncertainty of what the future holds, I encourage you to not be afraid.

As the time to graduate approaches, there is an enormous amount of pressure to have the answers to questions people inevitably ask: What are you going to do after graduation? Do you know what you’re going to use your degree for? Are you going to get a job or go back to school?

If you don’t have an answer, you either:

A) feel s***** about not knowing

B) face judgment for not knowing, or

C) nervously laugh and avoid the question.

At some point when I was about to graduate, I swear I did all three simultaneously on a daily basis.

Why are we judged for not knowing? Why do we judge ourselves for not knowing? Why do we have to know? If you fall into the “I just don’t know” category, I want to give you a “Get out of jail free card” for all the guilt, shame, and judgment you are putting yourself through.

It’s okay to not have the answers to the questions you feel you should have the answers to. It’s okay if you don’t know what you’re going to do with your degree. It’s okay if you don’t know if you want to pursue a higher education. It’s okay if you haven’t figured out your next move.

It‘s okay to not know.

Just because you don’t know now, doesn’t mean you will never know.

If you don’t know, you will know.

If you are uncertain, you will find your truth.

If you are afraid, embrace your power.

This is the time to experiment and go through trial and error as many times as it takes in order to find the answer. As long as you make the effort towards figuring it out, you will find yourself exactly where you were always meant to be.

And if you feel alone today, look around at all the caps and gowns beside you. Many of them also do not have the answers, but they will find them. As will you.

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by cindalm

I’m a California-based blogger who focuses on personal growth, self-development, and the art of introspection. I hope my writing resonates with you, brightens your day, consoles your heart, sparks inspiration or at the very least, gives you a little bit of calm in this crazy thing we call life.