tall girl

To The Tall Girl

Dear sister, stretch your neck.

Not to the side. Upward. Crane it.

If you look like a giraffe it’s because you are one.

Because you reach higher branches.

Because you overflow the space you’ve been allotted.

Because your shoulders are temples to the birds.

Because you already possess the sky.


Do not slouch in pictures. Do not notice

the gap between his head and yours

unless it is to see if you can pick something

off the top shelf for him.

Do not wish for less perspective.

Do not be afraid of your own significance.

You have the magnetism of a lighthouse.

The musculature of a waterfall.

The elevation of volcanic rock.

The voice of a bugle calling forth from a tower.

So sing our rally song.

Author: Kathryn Schuyler
Email: kathrynschuyler@gmail.com
Author Bio: Full time marketing specialist, lunch break poet, late night editor of Mazing mag. Eats a lot of ice cream. | San Diego, CA
Link to social media or website: http://www.kathrynschuyler.com & https://www.instagram.com/kathrynschuyler/


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