To the woman who stares

To The Woman Who Stares

To the woman,
Who stares
Stares me down the street
Our eyes meet, and somehow I cheat

Without knowledge or knowing,
I am the woman
Who cheated, and cheats
Before we even meet

I say to this woman,
I live for the day
That we meet
Meet all up on that street

You will see the Maker in my womanhood
The ocean in my grace
The power of the feminine
In my face, and all over the damn place

To this woman,
The woman across the street
You too are a safe and sacred land

I do not apologize
For the magic that is my woman
I apologize
That society has cheated you of my grace

To the woman,
The woman across the street
I am a force
That you need not compete

No longer yours, mine, or thine
His, hers, or society’s
You are your own marvelous secret
Your own heart that I aim to please

To the woman,
The woman across the street,
I pray this most sacred prayer
A sentiment for us to keep

That we live in awe
In holy awareness
Of our God-given, Earth-risen
Inherent divinity, women allowed to be

And with this sacred prayer,
I say to the woman who stares
I await the day we meet
Meet all up on that street

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by alobo

Ariana Lobo is a writer and actress with a passion for people, storytelling and the creation of thought-provoking content. The daughter of a German mother and Honduran father, she touches heavily upon issues pertaining diversity, the Latino community and womanhood. Performing for companies such as Commonwealth Shakespeare Company and Palm Beach Dramaworks and then later handling all Marketing & PR with the widely-known Shakespeare & Company, Ariana possesses a true obsession for both the written word and the creation of conversation on prevalent social issues. Currently the Managing Content Editor at a premier treatment center, Retreat Behavioral Health, she remains dedicated to the advocacy, discussion, and de-stigmatizing of important issues pertaining to mental health and substance abuse.
Ariana also worked at her alma mater Elon University, as Diversity Coordinator for the Center for Race Ethnicity and Diversity Education. She worked directly with the Latino community to integrate diversity programming to help grow and assist the local community. Ariana was a featured speaker at the ALANAM Women’s Conference in the Spring of 2017.

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