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To You, Self

To you, self:
Let’s quit pretending that we cannot do what we feel called to deep down in our souls.
Let’s quit pretending that your voice is far too quiet in a crowd to make a difference.

Let’s quit pretending that you are not good enough.
Let’s be real and recognize the strength behind you and what you are destined to do.
Let’s be real and pay attention to when you’re the one silencing your own voice- because if you roar loud enough, no person or thing can ignore you.
Let’s be real and understand when you tell yourself those mean things- the things that tear you down and make you cripple inside.

Let’s pursue a space where our creativity comes alive, and where are dreams have room to come true.
Let’s pursue a statement so strong that what you need to say is never overshadowed.
Let’s pursue a mindset that overflows with self-acceptance and admiration for all you are.

You are more than capable.
Your voice matters.
You are enough.

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by Lexmarand

A fierce fighter for women and the power of their voice, and a friend to all.

Hi, my name is Lexi, and I am a college student from Kentucky. I currently have a blog and spend a lot of my sparse amount of free time planning out my personal brand, which I hope can change the world one day.


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