Top 5 Devices for an Amazing Morning 

In the evening we often think, “One more round of a live dealer poker online and then we’ll go to bed. In the morning I’ll get up early and make sure I get everything done.” The next day we rush around the house, don’t have time for anything, and shout: “I won’t wash my head, I’ll eat breakfast at work, where’s my clothes?”

To keep that from happening, we’ve made a selection of 8 useful items that will let you sleep in longer, save you time getting ready, and keep you in a good mood all day.

A Fitness Tracker 

Every morning when the alarm clock rings, we experience the classic denial, anger, bargaining, and depression until we get to the point of accepting the situation and getting out of bed. This struggle with yourself takes anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the tightness of your schedule and willpower.

Saving precious time and fragile morning mood a fitness tracker with a smart alarm clock function helps. The program monitors your heart rate and movements all night to see how deeply you sleep. For example, you need to get up at 8 a.m.: the tracker may vibrate a little earlier if it “catches” the moment when it is easiest to wake up. If it does not find such a phase, it will wake you up exactly at the appointed hour.

An Ultrasonic Toothbrush

You’d think, what can happen in the two minutes it takes to brush your teeth? Almost nothing, except that your bus will leave and the next one will come in 7 minutes. You take the subway later, get to work later and your schedule has already crashed like a house of cards.

There’s a way out – the lightweight and stylish ultrasonic toothbrush. You can brush your teeth with it in the shower – the two-minute interval timer tells you when to move on to the next zone, and the heavy-duty design is water-resistant.

A Multicooker

To make breakfast, our great-grandmothers used to get up after dark. It took at least an hour to build a fire in the oven and cook the most uncomplicated dishes. When you think about it, getting cranky in the modern kitchen becomes a kind of awkward. But our ancestors didn’t have to take the subway, and besides, they didn’t have an office and a pass system that recorded tardiness.

The good thing is that progress is not standing still in terms of cooking: a modern multicooker with a delayed start function and smartphone control system helps save up to half an hour of morning time. Omelets are ready right when you wake up.

A Steamer

“Uniforms aren’t such a bad option.” This thought must have occurred to even the biggest fashionistas at the moment when you are 5 minutes away from going out, and the stylish image has not yet been created.

The advice is to get your clothes ready in the evening. So where do you store them all night? A floor rack is an answer. You can hang all your wardrobe and accessories on it. Jacket or cardigan on the hangers, pants on the bar, skirt on the hanger. This system allows you to easily steam things without installing a cumbersome iron.

A Thermocup

In the bustle of everyday life, we can rarely afford a leisurely breakfast, but that’s no reason to give up fragrant coffee in the morning. A thermocup, which keeps warm for up to 4 hours, will help you save time and enjoy your favorite beverage.

By the way, the “My cup, please” movement is popular in the world not only because of convenience and time saving but also because of the environmental friendliness. A disposable cup of coffee that could be grabbed at the nearest coffee shop is made of non-recyclable paper with added plastic, and immediately after use, it will go to the landfill.

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