Traveling with a Vape Device – Some Great Tips

Whether you are taking a well-deserved holiday or a business trip, it is important to do a little planning and research before traveling with your vape device and relevant paraphernalia. You need to respect the rules to get respect in return. A few easy-to-follow steps and tips will help you to ensure your trip is problem-free and not all up in smoke!

Do Your Research

Airline regulations have gotten tough over the last few years so it’s always best to check and keep yourself updated.  Laws regarding vaping change fairly rapidly and it is thus advisable to keep checking the most current information before you travel. In some countries, all vaping and e-cigarettes are banned, and you face fines, severe penalties, and even jail if you are found with a prohibited item – so make sure you get your facts straight. Check not only with your specific airline carrier but also the local laws of where you are traveling to. You will not want to have your vape device confiscated and lost to you just because you never checked up on your information. So, be prepared.

At the Airport

Most airports have the same policy regarding vaping as smoking, so it’s best to respect whatever smoking rules are in place. A vast majority of airports no longer even have the designated smoking lounge, so your only option is to smoke outside the airport terminal in designated zones. 

Before traveling, make sure your device is fully charged, that the tank or pod is not full as this can cause leakage and that you switch it off just before check-in. 

How to Pack

Packing your vape device and goods takes some planning and precision. The flying laws regarding liquid carriage apply to e-juice/liquid. The device and liquids or extra pods have to be on your person or in your carry-on luggage. This includes the vape device’s batteries needed as well as a charger if relevant. You need to source some travel-size bottles and decant the liquid if necessary. Remember that you need zip-top style transparent bags. Each bag must only contain one travel bottle. 

Tape the lid securely closed, wrap it in bubble wrap or a soft piece of cloth, and seal again with tape. Not only does this protect your other luggage items, but it also prevents spillage. Full bottles can expand or split at the seams with cabin pressure so either pack partially used bottles or make sure there is some unused space at the top of the bottle. If you do need to travel with a larger amount, that bottle can go into your checked luggage – also wrapped and taped securely. 

Your vape kit or pod mod device should also be bubble-wrapped or taped in a soft cloth as with the liquid. 

You can use waterproof pouches which are also ideal to use for keeping your vape supplies dry if you take a trip to the beach or other damp areas. Dry bags as used by outdoor adventurers, campers, rafters, and skiers are also useful. Alternatively, if you have a vape case for your specific device then that is ideal protection. 

Some countries have different nicotine limits, so if your vape liquid of choice contains nicotine, make sure you check ahead and take your own. It is even advised to take a higher strength than you usually use so that you don’t need to take along as much. 

You can easily order ahead from a vape liquids supplier like Aquavape to ensure you are sorted with the right vape liquids for you for the duration of your trip. Many e-liquid companies like aquavape.co.uk provide subscription services, which means that once you’ve discovered your favorite flavor and brand, you can have it delivered at regular intervals throughout the month or week. In this way, you can be more than prepared before you travel. Vape liquid does have an expiry date so it’s best not to order huge amounts too far in advance if you are not sure it will get used up. 

What to be aware of

If your flight is extra-long or extra stressful for you, you may need to consider some temporary alternatives to use while in the air. Tobacco-free nicotine pouches, nicotine gum, or lozenges are a good option when you are trapped for a few hours in a no-vape zone. It is recommended to not travel with CBD of any kind as this places you legally at risk. Marijuana and its concentrate, oil, and other edible forms are still illegal in many countries. Do not put yourself at risk. If you know that you have thoroughly cleaned your device or oil pen to ensure it is free from any residue, then you can take that along, but it may be better to use a different device to avoid any sniffer-dog confrontations. If you are traveling to a country where it is legal, it is safer to buy and consume it there rather than traveling with your stock. 

These tips should provide you with the basics of how to travel with your vape device and all that goes along with it. Remember to do your homework to ensure a safe and trouble-free trip. 

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