Tree & Others: Poetry Collection


I’d like to be a tree with tangled veins curving up wood into hungry leaves. I’d like to swim in the sun and burn so hot that I become cold, floating in space where time is but a construct wedged in a crevice of my mind. I want to kiss the stars and get star dust all over my wet lips. I want to float without oxygen, like a stubborn balloon and plunge down to earth, face first, eyes closed to a new destination—to a new tribe of people. 



A sunrise, inhale. 

A sunset, exhale. 

Each day is a new breath. 

Breathe in love, let her rise. 

Breathe out negative matter,  

Let her dim the lights in peace. Her cells have been dancing all day and need to rest. 



Perched on your shoulder like a starved bird on a tree, pecking for worms that don’t exist on the planet you’ve destroyed. 



He said I know you’re mine, like I know the moon is mine; I can’t control it but it’s for me. 



It sounds like the earth is angry. She keeps pounding, shouting down at us. We wait for the usual water, drips of her fury but she just thunders. I’d be mad too. Mad if someone polluted my mind and body with toxic chemicals. If someone tore layers from my being; instead of planting seeds to grow, ripping them out and eating them. I’d be thundering if someone dug through my flesh to pour cold concrete into my wounds, to dump fast food wrappers and latex condoms on my silky skin. I’d be so loud, never giving them the rain they expect because expecting turns to misusing. Always expecting Her to rebirth. Maybe she’s tired of going through the pain of labor. Maybe she wants to be loud and heard. Maybe once we stop expecting, She’ll start caring. Maybe then, a seed will grow again.



Author: Christian Ianniello
Email: christianianniello@gmail.com
Author Bio: Christian Ianniello has been published in Adolescent, CUSP, and The DePaulia. She seeks to empower women with her words, whether it’s copywriting for “The She Did it Her Way” podcast or posting Instagram stories of “Books and Babes” on her poetry Instagram, @sirensoliloquy — where she reviews books written by marginalized authors and shares information about women who inspire her.
Link to social media: Twitter @c_ianniello | Instagram @sirensoliloquy


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