Even though I’ve only been 20 for about 2 months now, it already feels like a weird age. You have people getting married, having kids or even getting pregnant. You have others still attending school or others with their AA’s due to them being in community college first. Then there’s me, a third year in college, trying to get closer to graduating at SOME point. However, being in your twenties in general, you’re supposed to have your life mostly together. You’re supposed to know what your future career is, know when you want to have kids by, or have your dream house. You should even be living in an apartment on your own, making your own money.  

I see that with my friends, and I’m their number one support; however, it feels like I should be at that point in my life already. Seeing majority of my cousins around my age making huge steps in their life (e.g. marriage, kids, etc.) and two of my cousins graduated from college. I don’t feel like my life is fully together at 20, and I don’t think is should be like that anyways.  

I know that my twenties is going to be by far the most life-changing age. I’ve accomplished quite a bit thus far.  

I’ve published how I felt through my writings for others who may relate or be inspired by it. I’m getting back into dance after a three year hiatus. I’m currently working on publishing my third book, and I’m doing things differently. Its been a long process; however, I want to publish it at least sometime before the year ends.  

I think I need to realize my twenties aren’t going to go the same way as other individuals around the world. It’s going to be different, and that’s something I need to realize. I need to remind myself that:

  1. I don’t NEED to be in a rush to get married or have kids.  

2. I need to focus on what I need to do, and make school my main priority.  

3. I don’t NEED to be rushed to perform sexual acts, I can wait until I’m comfortable and okay with it.  

4. I can make myself happy without a man too. I have to depend on myself for happiness, not rely on the man only.  

5. Things WILL come into place at the right time. 

6. The toxic people, whether I have great memories with them or not, need to be deleted out of my life.  

7. The ones who keep coming back to you are the ones who you should keep very close.  

I need to realize that twenty is the age that my path is going to go different than others, and that’s something I need to not only accept, but take into full action. What I also realized is that I’m fortunate with the opportunities I have, because others around the world don’t have the same opportunities. I am fortunate to be in college, to further my education, to have the ability to test my love for writing. I feel like whenever I write, I consider it mostly a job for me. I’m taking my time, making sure that everything looks perfect, writing deeply, and being just as vulnerable as possible.  

Twenty is an age where life will be challenging, but worth it in the long run.  


Author: Denise Kollock
Email: denisekollock1997@gmail.com 
Author Bio: Denise attends university, majoring in English with an emphasis on Creative Writing, with a minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies. She’s been writing ever since she was younger, however found her love for it in Sophomore year of High School. She has performed at Open Mics at her university, dances, sings, and loves to get creative. Her books “Words of Emotion & Experience” and “Words of Words” are on Amazon, Ebay, & Barnes and Noble website. She’s been in the process of writing her third book, which will be out sometime this year.
Link to social media or website: Instagram @denisekollock


by Denise Kollock

I am a university student who's majoring in English, with a concentration in Creative Writing & a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. Alone from writing, I enjoy playing video games, watching anime and taking photography.

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