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twin flame

skin pressed against skin,

the blue hue of the breathless sky 

shines a halo around you. 

everything felt off in the world;

crushing me. a strange sensation

that something was going to give out 

& crumble on top of me at any moment. 

the aching in my bones, the soot 

in my lungs appeared to be 

greater than ever. as if mercury had 

declared war and you were on his 

side. collapsed on top of me, 

all of your weight pressing down 

on my brittle bones. each brush of 

your scarred hand ignited a stifled 

fire in me that desperately ached 

to be put out. your fingers curled 

around the collapsed sleeve of my heart;

succumbing in this eternal collision.

by Vasiliki Gkoulgkountina

My name is Vasiliki Gkoulgkountina and I am a writer and poet. I am originally from Thessaloniki, Greece. I am currently a Sophomore at UNC Charlotte where I am majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Technical and Professional Writing. I have been writing poetry for a couple of years now and my poems have been published in "Carolina Muse" and "Roars and Whispers". I currently work as an Art Gallery Attendant and Managing Editor at Niner Times

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