Twin Flame

My friend.

I love you so very much. Like a brother, like a lover.

Your spirit yields my heart every time you’re in my presence. Nervous, anxious, jittery.

Adjectives that flow through my bloodstream.

Circulating and clogging my respiratory system causing me to look anywhere but your eyes.

“Look at me!”

“But I can’t” I scream

As I continue to look at the holes you missed lacing your sneakers.

Known you for 3 years now, proceeding to four. Feels like I knew you for 21.
People don’t know us they don’t know me and you.

Our Bond is like a growing garden.

A garden I don’t wanna leave or let go of.

Please stay the same forever.

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by Gail1216

Lehman College senior, obtaining a degree in the Psychology department accompanied by a minor in Woman & African Studies.

A doula, yogi and tea enthusiast, with the thirst for creating and editing pieces of literature.

I have created everything from bibliographies, missed connections to memoirs.

Whether to get a grade, for my own comfort or to simply get things off of my mind.


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