Unable To Soar & Metamorphosis

Unable to Soar   

She curled her body within the flowers. As the stems grew, she attached her limbs to the twigs—wove herself a cocoon and closed her eyes for her first rest. When she hatched, no one was waiting for her to spread her wings. She stretched out and watched the sky above her; she would not—could not—join the clouds. Her breath rose and she gathered her wings into the flowers until her wings were lost in the transparent colors. She became a reflection, a mirror with nobody but herself looking in.  


She spins coils around the past,  

chooses to sink within the silk  

to prepare for the breach in her external self.  

She dissolves and resolves, 

rearranges her living parts and pieces 

to shake away the skin she no longer needs.  

She dreams of the day she can soar to the sky.  

But for now, her wings remain  

caught in the invisible wind.  



Author: Kasy Long
Email: k-long.2@onu.edu 
Author Bio: Kasy Long is a full-time freelance writer in Terre Haute, Indiana. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Icarus Anthology, Oracle Fine Arts Review, The Sigma Tau Delta Rectangle, and more. She is a contributor for the Terre Haute Living Magazine and is an editor and writer at Haute Life Magazine. She blogs at KJL’s Diary.
Link to social media or website: http://kjlsdiary.blogspot.com/


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