the night was quiet
I thought that I would be bothered by it
sitting in the dim light alone
not even worried about my phone
I turned to your side of the bed
thoughts tumbled around my head
could I continue on my own?
could I face the path unknown?
silence greeted me as I stared
the answers all but glared
the future was so unclear
I had to try to face it without fear
the tears they threatened to fall
I took a deep breath to save them all
this time I wouldn’t lose control
I buried it deep within my soul
I blew out the candle flame
just like that there was no more pain

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by aeurban

I have a BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University. I have been a freelance writer for six years, and writing poetry since I was about 12. Poetry has always been a way for me to not only cope with life, but to express the feelings that overwhelm me.


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