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Unique Ways to Break the Ice When Creating a New Team

Being a coach or manager means that at some point in your career, you’ll have to build a new team.

We’ve spoken before about needing a unique skill set to be a good coach, but you’ll often be faced with a room of people who you need to get working together and functioning as a team.

It’s not an easy task and even though you’ll likely possess great people skills, you’ll need an armory of ideas to get your team talking and understanding each other.

We’ve got four unique ideas you might like to try in order to get that team together quickly.

10 Things in Common

Depending on the number in your group, ‘10 things in common’ is a great way to get your new team talking to each other.

You hand each person a piece of paper and get them to pair up, with the task of finding 10 things they have in common with the person they’re paired with.

Make sure they know to avoid the obvious choices such as ‘we both have two feet’ – cop-outs are not allowed! Once they’ve found 10 things they stand together as a pair and present to the rest of the group.

Get to Know You Bingo

This is a great way to get to know your team and for them to get to know each other. It’s easy to set up and will take just a matter of minutes according to this guide, but will certainly get your team talking and interacting.

Bingo is a versatile game which you can tailor to your needs quickly. Foxy Bingo notes how the game can be easily customized, making it ideal for different formats to be created. That means you would be able to add your own little twist to make it personal as well as fun and inclusive.

Photos from the Past

This will depend on you having time to prepare, perhaps if you’re assembling a team from different departments but from employees you already know this will work best.

Get them to send in a picture of them as a baby; this is easy in the digital age as they can snap a picture and send it to you. Tulamama suggest this is another versatile game that can work in any type of group.

Pin all your shots up on a board numbered from one upwards and get the team to guess who is who. The winner gets a grand prize of your choosing, but you’ll be the real winner as they laugh and joke together.

Egg drop

This might get messy, but it’s bound to get the team working together. Pair them all up and give them an egg and access to a few basic office supplies such as paper, paperclips, mugs and other bits and bobs.

They must construct something that allows an egg to be dropped from around 10 feet without breaking. If that doesn’t get them working together, nothing will!

by Harness Editor

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