Poetry & Art

Unrequited Love

I still think about you love
What a cruel thing to do
For Everytime I do
My heart breaks
And screams to be pieced
By you but you
Out of my mind
Out of touch
Desperately wanting to touch
What my mind spends days painting
Brush strokes after stroke
Memories sometimes wake me before my alarm
And others they keep me past all 20 alarms
I don’t mind
That my mind runs to you
I don’t mind
but my heart does
What a cruel thing to do

by Toni E

I am a 24 year old creative living in NYC. I've been able to gain a plethora of skills in different work industries, however creating is my heart. I enjoy writing poetry and pairing with unique cover arts to share with those on my Instagram. Along with my feeds I also have a WordPress blog that allows me to express my deepest thoughts and experiences. I love to help others any way I can. My best help has been through writing, communicating and sharing with others.


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