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Unspoken Envy

Have you ever stared at another person’s words?
Words written or typed on another person’s page?
Have you ever wondered, “When will someone read my words?”
When will someone hear what I have to say?
When will someone listen to my cry?
Maybe, today is the day!
Maybe, tomorrow will pave the way!
Maybe, the next day is the time.
Maybe, you know what…… nevermind.
Bottom line is your words are yours’,
and mine are mine, but we all have feelings that are unspoken.
I know that you are willing to share yours, but truth be told,
are you willing to hear mine?

by M. Brav

Hello, my name is Meisha Bravender. I love life, and writing about life. I find inspiration in everything that I feel and everything that I do. I am a true Christian who loves Jesus, wears my heart on my sleeve, and is not afraid to be vulnerable when I need to be. I can go on and say that I love walks in the park and picnics on the beach in the gritty sand, but enough with the hopes and dreams. Back to reality!

I am the coauthor of "The Faithfuls: Actual Supernatural Stories." I go by the name M.Brav and my coauthor, oh yeah, is my mother, also known as B. Bryant. We, typically, you know, write books together! In fact, we are working on our second book which will be coming out later this year. As of now, you could go online and purchase our debut novel "The Faithfuls: Actual Supernatural Stories" by M. Brav & B. Bryant by searching on amazon.com or clicking on the website below. I mean, who wouldn't want to? It is, honestly, a must read! Well, I truly, hope that you all enjoy our writings. However Harness Community, I apologize for now, because you are stuck with me and my own writing. Looking forward to your love and well-needed support!

-M. Brav

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