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Supporting a family of 6 in a small rural town in Mexico can make anyone crazy. Especially when Mexico fails in assisting those in need. With American propaganda, my grandparents decided to immigrate to the US with their kids for a “better life.”

A better life eventually went sour as my grandparents are now 80 years old. However, due to the racism, nationalism, classism and more, my grandparents never made it to a middle class life. Due to the inability to afford education in Mexico, my grandfather cannot read and write in Spanish or English. My grandfather was left to work in construction, the most physically taxing job. My grandmother only has a 3rd grade level of education from the Mexican government. She was left to work where they would have her. Some times in the carniceria, taking care of the elderly, babysitting, and more. Taking the bus at 6 am in the beating sun or pouring rain. So now that they have worked for more than 50 years in a country that doesn’t appreciate them, they have no ability to retire.

Even when they could have retired, life always threw a hard ball at them. They helped out their kids during their adulthood. Even when they messed up. Even when my father was deported, they stepped in and helped my mom to raise my sister and me. Now that they gave their kids everything, we do help. However, poverty has been engrained in our tracks. We still rely on government assist us and rely on the community for food, energy and more. Now that we reach out to the people for help, no one can help the elderly. However everyone can afford that expensive channel purse.

How are we ever supposed to be better as a society if we let the community be used and abuse on an economic and social level? Hopefully, I get to raise enough money to help my grandfather retire. The link for his go fund me is —–    https://gofund.me/2363a3e6    —.


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