Us, apart

You say you miss me

I.e., my ankles on your shoulders

The way you make my body shudder with pleasure

The water that flows from me

Making way for you

To keep exploring deeper

You miss me

I.e., my mouth making its way

Down your center

My teeth scratching your thighs

The way I become a cave

For all of you to enter

I miss you too,

How could I not?

I.e., your fingers tangling my curls

Your teeth digging promises

Into my neck

Your fingers tracing


Making your way into me

The way your tongue slides…

Elevates me to different dimensions

I miss you

I.e., the way I trap you with my legs

Don’t you dare stop

Don’t you dare be anywhere else

Than lost inside me

I miss you

I.e., your hands tightening

Around my neck

How your eyes light up

In fulfilling my desires

I.e., the way our hips move

The way the smell of your skin and the

Lightest touch is enough

Is more than enough

To turn my logic

To turmoil

by Anapio

American born to Brazilian parents who made sure I knew where I came from. Returned to the US after 13 years living by the equator and struggled to adapt to the cold -- in the weather and in the way people relate to each other. A storyteller striving to voice my perceptions of culture, love, life, and community through words.

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