V-Good To Yourself – A Self-Care Guide For Vaginal Health


‘’Every woman’s Uterus needs attention, love & gratitude. When we are one with the Womb, we are one with the Goddess’’ Dr Rosita Arvigo

There are copious amounts of health literature on looking after your major organs. Tips to take care of that ticker, detoxifying the liver, looking after those lungs, you get the drill. Seldom do we see anything with regards to our Sexual organs! Though times are getting better, there is still much need to break the silence even in this day in age.

Your privates, vagina, lady bits, whatever you call it has become endangered by taboo! This results in women being miseducated, misinformed and having trouble on their home turf. Things need to change! We need to stop been so tight lipped about the subject. Let’s open up.

The womb, uterus and all its neighboring glory is a sacred space. It’s your Garden of Eden where seeds of creativity and life are sown. The Yoni-verse, if you want to get real deep is a temple of power, divinity and sensuality. It was where your life began. Men and Women, you have been through one and if you’re lucky you will have one!  Don’t shy away from the topic. Speak, seek, listen and go deep. You do not need an invite to your own gate- it is yours!

Fanny Facts

The female sexual organ is an amazing multi-faceted creation. The clitoris alone has a mind blowing 8,000 nerve endings compared to the penis that has only 4,000. During puberty a girl will have up to a staggering 400,000 follicles in both ovaries! The vagina can expand up to 200% during intercourse as well as childbirth due to magnificent muscular ridges that can spring back like a thug!  In 2009, a US woman set a record for lifting 30 pounds with her pelvic muscles. Power to the pussy! The next time someone calls you a pussy, take it as a compliment.

Know thigh inner self!

In this fast-speed technological age you would expect us to be more informed with ‘down there’ as my mother would say.  On the contrary-no. I have spoken to many women of quite privileged background and the findings were shocking. Many of the women did not know that you only get pregnant during ovulation.  Another thought that her cervical mucus was an STD. And a girl in her late teens didn’t know that she had three orifices! Pee, period and poo. It’s not their fault. We live in a society where being a woman is something to be ashamed of and women are too ‘pussy’ to talk about pussy. Women often leave the exploration of their parts to others, but who better to know it than yourself? So get exploring ladies! Get past the shyness and the get a feel of what’s up down there! Use selfie mode, fingers or a good old-fashioned mirror like we did back in the day.

Keeping that dirty thing clean!

Minges are very much marred with being dirty and we’re not talking sexually, but dirty unhygienic. Even If from time to time they smell fishy, they are certainly not dirty!  Truth is that vaginas’ are fragrant, scented and have their own self-cleaning mechanisms- cervical fluid. The glands produce this daily discharge to flush out any harmful materials and toxins. This also keep the vagina well lubricated. The silky milky type discharge is called cervical mucus. This not only acts a cleaner but is a key indicator of when you ovulate which is usually midway through your cycle. Never dismiss it as an infection as my girl did. There is no need to ever douche, no matter how fashionable the fad is.   This can lead to infections and over cleaning which can destroy the PH balance of the vagina leading to further problems. If you are experiencing the early stages of infections of are worried about hygiene, then wipe (front to back) with some coconut oil with a few drops of tea tree oil to prevent rash and skin irritations. If this persists, then go to your GP.

Female Fuzz

Though pubic hair has a reputation for being a hangover from the 70’s, it is there for a good reason. It insulates for starters. Having hair is clean, as it absorbs toxins that can be washed off when showering.  Today women remove their hair by shaving, waxing, extrapolating and laser. These techniques can lead to ingrown hair and possible infection, plus it gets messy and it’s painful. Having pubic hair is playful and erotic as your hair traps pheromones which are responsible for attracting sexual interaction.  Go on grow it, I dare you!

Pass on toxins and plastic

Conventional sanitary products such as towels and tampons are full of chemicals that tamper with your clam cavity.  In a typical sanitary towel, you will find Acetone, which is a harsh chemical found in nail varnish remover. Chloromethane, used to refine petrol and Styrene, which is the substance used in making car tires! Would you rub your vulva with Volvo tires?  I didn’t think so. These nasties have negative consequences. Try natural products made from organic chemical free ingredients. Change tampons regularly every 2-4 hours to avoid toxic shock syndrome.  Swapping conventional toilet roll for chlorine and bleach free is not only sustainable for the ecosystem, but can be kind to the skin and prevent nasty rashes.

Don’t sweat it!

Apart from when you’re having fun, your flower folds should be kept dry — and what you wear can affect that massively. Certain types of fabrics and tight-fitting clothing create warm and moist conditions in which yeast and fungus thrives.  Wear breathable cotton underwear! Swap polyester and nylon for cottons.  If you are prone to infections, then change of sweaty gym gear ASAP after workouts. Good old Granny bashers are the best, like she told you so- Yes I know they are ugly, but they all come off at play time anyway.

Let the Beaver Breathe

Sleep naked! Not only is liberating and sexy it also aids better sleep. Sleeping in an environment below 21 degrees Celsius can help regulate melatonin and growth hormones. Additionally, when you sleep naked your body temperature reaches an optimal range keeping cortisol levels at bay reducing stress and anxiety. It is not advisable to sleep fully starkers when menstruating for obvious reasons, but during your monthly you should try and get as much fresh air as possible otherwise you suffocate the poor thing.

Lady flower Diet

Your diet has massive effects on your fanny health.  My advice is eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Yogurts with live cultures or probiotics can prevent yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.  Excess sugar and caffeine can lead to cysts. Soya is harmful as it mimics the production of Oestrogen and this can cause imbalance with hormones and worsen conditions like Endometritis and lead to higher chances of hormonal related cancer. Always keep hydrated with water as this flushes out toxins and keeps the membranes lubricates. Avoid too much yeast and gluten as they can add excess toxins to the uterus.

Herbal health for her

My advice before taking any herbal remedy is to consult a doctor or a health care professional. Herbs such as Nettle are a great yoni cleanse and detox. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a vitamin-like supplement that enhances fertility. CoQ10 Found in every cell of the body and is a part of the electron transport chain which is responsible for generating energy in our cells. Spirulina is a natural algae rich in iron and vitamins B’s. This is an excellent remedy to take before, during and after mensuration as it replenishes lost nutrients and iron. Maca root power is an excellent mineral source and a regulator of hormone imbalance- where would I be without it! Shatavari is an Ayurvedic female tonic. If you are going down the Ayurvedic route consult your practitioner a you will have to detox prior to taking herbs that oestrogen.  Black Cohosh is an estrogenic herb used to treat women’s reproductive health. Often prescribed to relieve vaginal dryness during by menopause.

Purr-fect Pelvic Massage

If you don’t love yourself why should others?  Give your uterus and abdominal a bit of self-love with the privilege of a massage. This helps increase blood flow circulation and oxygenates the blood to the ovaries. This self-love increases libido and can help intensify orgasms. It also helps maintain hormone balance and removes excess tissues from previous menstruation. This is all you do. Get some pure coconut or castor oil ab self-massage onto your uterus and work your way up from the pubic bone to the navel. Press on the uterus and try pulling it up towards the navel. Notice the difference in a week.

Pump that Panty hamster

Exercise is important for blood flow and strengthening the muscles in the pelvic regions. Kegel exercises or puss ups as I call them can benefit woman as they support the womb, toughen the bladder and bowels. If this region is weak, especially after childbirth, surgery and in older age, then the uterus could prolapse and lower. This exercise involves contracting in the muscles, like your trying to stop yourself from weeing in small intervals. Repeat a few times a day for the rest of your life. Work it like your gym memberships about to expire! If puss ups get mundane then check out Kegel toys or Yoni eggs on the market to spice up your workout.

V-steam spa

The sauna for down there is causing quite a stir recently.  It is essentially squatting over a bowl of herbs in hot water and allowing the steam to vapor through the vaginal canal. This may seem extreme but this is a practice that has been happening for centuries in many cultures. It is more commonly known in parts of Africa and Mexico. It is advised that you consult a doctor or find a certified practitioner before going full steam ahead. Do the research. If you are ready for the V-steam then please ensure you have no infections, not on your monthlies and are not pregnant!

Source only organic ingredients only as you might get a bad reaction from pesticides. Use herbs like Mugwort, St Johns Wart, Rosemary, Lemon Balm, Horsetail, Wormwood, Chamomile, Daminia and Red Clover Blossom. Boil these herbs in some purified hot water. Allow to cool a little the squat over the bowl (no plastic please) with your Vagi-stool (stool with an opening) and cover up in a large towel to keep warm and make a tent around the bowl to allow maximum steam in the vaginal opening. Do this for 20 minutes. The benefits are amazing! This method naturally relaxes those pelvic muscles. This is a complementary way to boost fertility and treat conditions like endometriosis, painful periods, scarring from childbirth and Vaginismus. Try these once a month or alternative between a few months. V-steams are a wonderful and better accompanied with mediation or a mantra.

My Mantra:

I am the Create (her), one with the divine. A perfect manifestation. The only portal from the spiritual world to the physical realm. I am a whole woman. I am one. I am a warrior.

If you give a *#@k! about your health and organs such as your heart, liver and pancreas, then you should start giving a *#@k! about your Vagina too and all that surrounds it. Do not neglect yourself in any shape or form. The female anatomy should empower you as a woman and enable you to feel good about yourself without feeling any guilt or shame. Take my advice.  Look after yourself lady warriors.

Author: Reena Kumari
Email: info@casteawayarts.com
Author Bio: Reena Kumari aka Desi medicine woman is a holistic therapist and a Health and Lifestyle advisor. Reena is a UK born woman of the Indus Valley with a burning passion for Ayurveda natural remedies and spends most of my free time making home-grown and organic cosmetics.




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