Vacant Vessel

confidence nonexistent
I love myself
body positive
but firmly believe
I can’t share
my vulnerability
without repercussions
simultaneously believing
I am perfect
and undesirable
too timid
to be exposed
emotionally unhinged
physically repulsive
incapable of satisfying
unfit to be loved
suffocating in self doubt
terrified of exposure
thirsting for connection
everything I hope my future holds
I’m too ashamed of myself
to find someone
to appreciate all that I am
too embarrassed by my imperfections
you’ve tethered me to the thoughts
that I deserve nothing more than you

by WinnowPoetry

I am the poet behind Winnow Poetry. Although I have been writing since the mid 1990s, I began putting my poetry out on social media under the name Winnow Poetry in 2019. Writing has always been the most effective form of therapy for me. In my writing I address growing up in an emotionally and verbally abusive family, relationships, depression, anxiety, and creating the best version of myself through trial and error.

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