Poetry Series: Flaws, Trust Issues & A Thousand Words

let’s not hate each other
we’re both equally bad at 
the game of expectations
at embodying that perfection we
wish we saw
in each other
so stop
let’s not call each other 
out on our imperfections 
because let’s face it
we wouldn’t have truly met
if not 
for all the ways
in which we’re broken.

Trust Issues 
is not like paper
it’s like glass
when it’s broken
you see your shattered reflection
in the shards
and wonder
which parts of you
went missing.

A Thousand Words 
When I wrote today I
wrote a thousand words that 
I wasn’t proud of but 
I was proud to have started because 
when you run, you lose when you stop 
and I didn’t stop, 
I ran the length 
of the thousand miles, 
and even if they are the words that were written 
a thousand times before 
I wrote.

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by vaiwrite

I am a writer, which probably explains a lot of things about me. I love reading, especially psychological thrillers, and have an affinity for cats.

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