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Female pop stars have always faced a lot of hate. This is a fact. I guess fame always comes with criticism but for some reason (we know the reason- it’s called sexism) girls, specifically young girls, always receive the most hate. From the media, society, journalists and critiques, it seems like sometimes they just can’t get a break. But it also seems to me Taylor Swift gets an unnecessary amount. I don’t know why I choose her to get so frustrated over, maybe it’s because I’ve always had a deep respect for Taylor and her music or maybe it is some other deep seeded insecurity I need to work through, but nevertheless I have never understood why people just can’t let their dislike for Taylor go. So, I’ve compiled a list of all the reasons people give when they complain about Taylor, and my rebuttals.  

  1. No talent. I’m sorry, but have you seen the lyrics Taylor writes all by herself? I don’t care if all of her songs are auto tuned to hell- she is an amazing writer. It’s also a talent to know what an audience wants and provide that to them. It’s the same with the Kardashians, sure, say they have no talent, but I’d love to see you create an empire like them. Becoming famous due to hard work and marketing yourself is a talent in itself and I will always stand by that.  
  2. Boys. People also get super worked up about the amount of boys Taylor has dated, and why? She’s pretty, she’s famous, let her have a little fun. If Harry Styles asked you on a date would you say no because you had already dated too many guys? No. You would go on that date. It’s not her fault every time she gets ice cream with someone it’s splattered across the news. All of us would do the same. AND, so what if she writes about these relationships? Shouldn’t we be happy she is writing about something real? This goes back to her no talent thing, we know she writes all her own songs because they are about her life. And nothing sparks real emotion like love and heartbreak. No one got mad at the Beatles for only writing about girls. No one gets mad at rappers for only writing about sex and money.  
  3. Too basic. A majority of young girls tend to like the same things which in turn makes that singer, drink, fashion choice or store become “basic”. For examples, think of UGGs, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and One Direction. Why is being basic such a bad thing? Why does tapping into your generations Disco, or Bell Bottom Jeans create such scrutiny? Why do some girls try so hard to not be basic that they end up avoiding things they actually like? Taylor Swift is mainstream, that is without a doubt, but why does that immediately make her “not talented” or unworthy of respect? If girls like something just because everyone else does, then that’s an issue, but if a lot of young girls just happen to all enjoy Pumpkin Spice Latte’s wouldn’t that mean maybe Pumpkin Spice Latte’s are just really good?  

Now, I’m not saying Taylor Swift doesn’t have real, legitimate flaws. But if you’re going to dislike someone, then do so with respect to their talent.  



Author: Emily Reid
Author Bio: Emily Reid is a spunky, feminist kill-joy, Journalism student at University of Missouri- Kansas City. She hopes to become a human rights writer, specifically covering women empowerment.

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