Her body stirs awake in the morning as she hears the seagulls cawing outside the window. Her foot extends and presses the sole against the wall. The white walls next to her bed are cold, three days past Halloween. She is groggy and complacent, not looking forward to starting the day. Her eyes remain closed as she begins to stretch her limbs, first her legs and then her back muscles. Sore from yesterday, or some other stress from someday before. The room is still cold despite her small black heater sitting on her writing desk next to the wall.

Her thoughts are racing; they do that; she is one of those girls. She should press her feet to the floor and stand up. There is much to be done in the morning, the first tea, then a shower, and maybe breakfast. It all sounds like so much effort, and her bed is capturing and warm. Today is unusual; it is voting day, the last day to cast it. She should do it, walk there because her car is gone. The walk isn’t that far; she likes long runs next to the beach, especially when it’s sunny.

Her sheer pink curtain rustles from the ocean breeze and slightly from the fan circling in the small black heater. She breathes in the smoke from her nicotine pen and joint and laughs at the time. She might have done it again; it is cold outside, being right next to the ocean. She sleeps longer, even more, resonant when the walls are cold from the outside.

Her pink house sits on a pedestal, with a wrap-around porch, four garages, and open windows. It’s on her agenda for the day to posh mark the crap out of those garages. She is busy despite being furloughed, needing the extra cash. Since it’s Covid, making it difficult for budgeting, everyone is getting crafty and resourceful. She grapples for her laptop, accepting that she has to make something out of herself today.

Her body still lies flat, perpendicular to the bed. Her blankets white, soft, and cozy, and the corner of the yoga blocked pressed into her back. The yellow doorknob from the kitchen starts to turn; her roommate is home from the night before. Up, up up, it is time to start the day. She has to vote, this time, anyway.

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