Wait For My Holiness

Wait for my holiness.


I watched stars for you I chased down

telescopes to gaze at you.


I flowed in the pools of void

To forge an awakened and redeemed vision


To present to you a song of longing.


The longing to be held by a universe of

truth and an answer to my every waking moment.


I pursued an avenue and I often get pulled

back into thinking I was better off…

But alas,

I am better off in the cosmos,

In the rhythm of the friction of  the divine

ultimatums of preselection.




Foreword movement.


A moment in time separated by spaces of plenty and renewal.

A balancing glass globe holding over the

level of mahogany base.


A cherry wood finish and resplendent


Of coming home to



So I said, “Wait for my holiness”.

Wait for the divine to speak through me

As it speaks through you

For then maybe I could understand you

More clearly

More true.


by Tiff Rose

I am a highly motivated coffee drinker. I'm a poet, writer, craftsman, and daydreamer.


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