Walking Away Now

We were in the middle of the heat, the hot summer night,
no one ever wants to leave, no one ever wants to fight.
It’s honks and bustle, steam and hustle,
I want to leave but don’t have the muscle.
So there I stand with lost souls in the street,
standing in a city so eager to please.

We weave through the night, weave through insides,
passing through a maze of chairs,passing found souls tucked in groups of pairs.
We drew from far corners to meet right here,
but no one notices at all…
when fragments of history appear and slip out of our four walls.
We laugh and cry, and without ever waiting,
end up spending all our time in line.

You looked like the most exciting night in Spring,
our words had sent for May birds to sing.
With the melody playing in our house,
we float away amongst the crowds,
amused by all the faces though lovely as they seem,
thinking they are anywhere but in our dream.

As I become weightless I can hardly remember myself,
I surrender, faithless, to the sweep of the swells.
We floated down the hard boiled street,
soaking in balmy night and summer heart,
knowing we don’t belong together, you and I,
for it’s just the swells tonight, tonight.

Floating up we rose above it all,
who knew there was peace in a city so tall?
I woke to the cool dawn whispering,
“listen, listen, to the faint horns playing!”
And beneath my feet under the mist,
waiting after the morning kiss,
was the untamed beast of restlessness.

I drove out of the fog and beaming light,
out of the callous days and tender nights.
I returned home to fall asleep,
our voices echoing right beside of me.

When I awoke, outside my door,
I answered a call from ship to shore.
Outside my house, right before my eyes,
there it was – the balmy night!
I received the promise made in spring,
the trembling trees, they swayed with me,
and finally I knew I didn’t have to be,

by FondnessKnocks

Hello, my name is Connie, I currently work as a scenic designer by day and jazz vocalist by night. I have a full time day job for a themed entertainment company, I'm studying music at a community college, and I gig on weekends. I have a bachelors in Accounting, and started my career in finance for my current company. After a hop and a skip I landed in the art department! My journey has had many twists and turns but has always been an effort towards fulfillment and mastery of my craft. Aside from music and art, I love food, literature, and fashion.


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