Warm my mind with memories

I was counting the days until that vacation – it was more than I could dream. Closed my eyes, once opened we were there, in Sardinia. So many feelings were dancing in my soul – same now when I am writing this article.

This island is magic – in the airport first what you are feeling is the hot breeze touching your face. The sun warming your cheeks and your happiness is so big, you don’t realize when instead of walking you are jumping like a little goat. Grabbing your rented car and driving to discover the treasures of this small world.

I wished to rent an extra soul to deposit all my emotions and an extra pair of eyes to see everything that mother nature endowed this little island.

Just imagine mountains, dessert, pink beaches, rice beaches, all sand type beaches, and all this surrounded by sea waters in the fascinating shades of blue and turquoise. An eternal mixture of green and azure. The precious island of Italy, the source of endless memories for me. The blue dream. The place where the bluest water in the world.Or green in some areas. Captivating. Unique.

Memories of this trip will warm my mind. Long time still, over and over.

And unforgettable, as a supreme emblem remains the hot rain which we were lucky to catch over this vacation.


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by ElenaB

Who am I? Is so challenging to say - de facto a young woman, with a family and a job like all mature people have, inside me I think is still living a little girl who still fancies ribbons in her ginger hair and is crying when is hurt. Don't remember when grew up - and start being independent and strong, full of energy and enthusiastic. One day I woke up here - in a great life, with a big smile on my face and in love with people.
I want to be known - to share my thoughts and emotions through the sentences and simple words, to become a virtual friend to you - a positive person who is reading this description of me.

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