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She was putting on the final touches to her wedding make up when her soon to be sister in law entered the room.

She turned around and asked, “Where did you get the set?”

The sister in law answered, “My aunt gave me it to wear.”

She got up from the stool and went to search for her soon to be mother in law.

“Why did you open the suitcase and give the set to your niece without my permission?”

“Permission? Now I have to get permission. Hmm. What’s yours is ours so it doesn’t matter. It looks good on her. I told her that her dearest Cousins wife gifted the set to her.”

The girl was shell shocked and pissed off.

Quietly she found the sister in law and asked her to remove the set.

Took all her stuff from the room and marched to her dad.

And explained to him what happened and told him, “I will not marry this man or any man whose family doesn’t have manners and courtesy and thinks of me as so unimportant that they gave my things away without even asking me.”

Her father told her to handle things how she wishes, he will always stand by her side as a rock solid pillar.

She broke off the wedding an hour before it happened and told the guests to enjoy the food and she walked proudly out of the hall with her head held high.

Her respect won and she knew didn’t need to compromise for people who made her feel unworthy or unimportant.

Father’s who support their daughters in every right decision build a warrior in them.

Author: Zainab Ansari
Author Bio: I am an English Literature Lecturer and a business woman and a writer. 31. Single. Love my own time more than the fake crowd. In the process of compiling and publishing my book.
Link to social media or website: @whitepurplezainu

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