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You weathered the storm. 

The rain fell each day 


clouds gathered, blacked your eyes 

blocked the light 

The thunder cracked your bones 

the lightning so strong it threw your body up and you hit the ground. 

you cowered under shelter 

hid from the wind but  

it found you again. 

No forecast, no warning: 

just tumbles, rumbles 

the sky screamed 

the earth stood still 

you’re sorry, you’re sorry 

you did all you could to find the sun again 

to disperse the darkening clouds 

lighten the rainfall 

it washed away everything 


You weathered the storm. 



Author: Menna Siwan 
Author Bio: feminist, artist, poet, friend. 
Link to social media or website: 

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  1. A positive poem to uplift the spirit. : )


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